[Heidelberg Windmill] GTO suckers on the Windmill?

a friend said me the GTO suckers work on the Windmill too, especially if you run thick stock. I’ve read also the same thing on TheBeastPiece.com

Considering I’m a newbie and don’t have any sucker for my Windmill I don’t understand if I can buy these GTO suckers and use them for every kind of stock or if I must buy also the common Windmill suckers.

What I’ve found locally are these 3 kinds of suckers, any help is really appreciated to understand the difference:

Thank you!

image: VENTOSA_01.jpg


image: VENTOSA_02.jpg


image: VENTOSA_03.jpg


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i have never had to use suckers on my windmill. i run my windmill daily with all kinds of stock.

I use the sucker bars (yellow and red) or none. The only time I find that I need rubber suckers is when I am running coasters or pre-folded greeting cards….and then I only use the suckers on every other opening with lots of tilt. The biggest problem with using rubber suckers is that your press will want to pull doubles or triples, which will then smash your type and packing. I use Heidelberg rubber suckers on the delivery/take-off on my kluge more than on the windmill. I don’t have experience with the suckers in your pictures, maybe your friend can explain the difference to you. I would guess that the hardness/pliability is the biggest difference.

Those at the end of the set marked gto are useful for feeding a uneven stack ,good for envelopes same reason on gto the flat ones in the earlier pics watch the diameter as the platen grippers will take them up if you must go out of the box you look for heidelberg speedmaster transfer drum suckers off of a 74 .
the difference is often the hole in the middle but the platen will wear the large diameter suckers as they get slapped by the sheet tail.

Hello! :)
thank you for the replies!


I also use the telescoping suckers shown at the bottom (#9009). They’re essential when running thicker stock, and do gradually wear with time (develop rips and holes).

Sometimes they leave a faint black mark on the press sheet, but it’s easy to swipe the bottoms of them with alcohol and a cotton rag.

We’re in San Francisco and order these from Bay Area Press Supply.


Thank you Lars!