oil holes on craftsmen superior

I noticed my press starting to squeak a little today while running a few invitations. I always fill the oil holes with a few drops of 3-in-one after I finish printing for the day. I think I see all the obvious oil holes, but am I missing something?

I can’t be sure exactly, but the squeaks seem to be coming from the saddle springs.

Should these squeaks be cause for concern?

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its not the squeaks but 3in1 is not what you want to oil with, its too fine, you want a 30 wt. non detergeant oil. that should cure your squeaks.

You want to fill the oil holes BEFORE printing, not after. The greatest amount of oil needs to be there while you are operating the press.

Use a synthetic motor oil, then you always be assured that there will be a bit of lubrication as it coats better that ordinary oils. I usually use 30wt all year long, but in colder climates a thinner oil in the winter might help.