Help! No idea how to price or sell a Hamilton letterpress cabinet…

I’m unable to research this on my own. If anyone can help, I’d appreciate your feedback.
I have a Hamilton letterpress cabinet in my mother’s basement. Should I sell the whole thing, piece out the drawers and type, what do I do? How do I know how to price them? Most drawers have type but they’re not full. There are a variety of fonts and sizes, letters/numbers/special characters. What specifications do I share? What’s important to look for in ID’ing this piece? How do I ship it when someone wants to buy it? Any help is appreciated.
I’ve attached a couple pics, but it’s hard to take good ones with the poor lighting in the basement.

image: letterpress drawers.jpg

letterpress drawers.jpg

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Where is this located?

Hello, In response to your inquiry…How you sell this depends on how much time you want to invest. If you sell the type piece by piece or by the alphabet, it could take you forever. Anyone who wants a cabinet wants the original drawers so I would not recommend selling the drawers separately. Buyers want to see several pics of the cabinet from different angles and a note re: condition, original Hamilton pulls (pic this too) and price. I have seen these sell anywhere from $250 to $750 depending on condition - sometimes higher. Another factor in selling is where you are located and if you require pick up on site. Hope this helps. Where exactly are you located? I might be interested in purchasing the lot myself. Thanx for taking the time to reply. Judy

Hello lhanlin,

As you may have surmised from the last two replies, location is key since what you have would be almost impossible to ship in its entirety, and selling things off individually would be a great investment of your time. Someone with a truck or van might be willing to drive a few hours if they had a good idea of what the cabinet contained. The only way to present a clear picture of what you have is to take many high-resolution photos and make them available via email or post them on a photo-sharing site such as Flickr. People need to see not only what pieces you have but also the condition.

Or, you can Skype. I was interested in a cabinet about an hour away and the seller kindly Skyped me and took me on a video tour of every case in his cabinet, pulling out pieces and showing me the details of things I was particularly interested in. This worked really well.