Kelsey Excelsior Pawl.

The ‘Pawl’? seems to be slipping on the ink disk of my Excelsior.
I’m not sure how badly out of shape the Pawl is because I’ve never looked at one on another identical press.
Maybe it is more of a problem with the grooves in the ink disk?

Any help is much apreciated.

image: 100_0528.JPG


image: 100_0534.JPG


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My 5x8 does it sometimes too, most likely from the grooves worn into the disk. No biggie. I just bring it back up and down again, or give it a quick turn with my hand.

Anyone know a good way to fill the grooves?

If function is more important than form, you could try something as simple as wrapping the pawl with a few layers of electrical tape or something until it works the way you want.

Hi Picaandpress,

I know your posting is from some years back now, but were you ever able to fix this problem on your press? I recently acquired the same type of Kelsey that has worn down teeth, however mine is to the point where the pawl won’t engage the disk and rotate it. Let me know if you discovered any other solution besides electrical tape. I’ll attach a photo of mine to show you.