Beginner letterpress class

I have spent my whole life in letterpress (42 years now). I have a shop, 6 letterpresses, Vandercook and linotype in Orange County,CA. I am wondering if there is any interest in a class or classes I might organize. I could take the class from design to finished pieces in a 1 day format. Let me know if there is any interest.

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Hello Sir,
I think it’s a great idea. Too bad I’m in Pittsburgh. I think a better gauge for you to use would be a local craigslist ad in the Artist section to see if there is interest. Good Luck.

or Ma’am

Hello Sultans of .918,

You should look through the “Workshops and Events” section here on Briar Press and see the kinds of things that people are offering. Then you might design and schedule a workshop of your own and list it there. Even if you got only a couple of participants, it would be a start. I think these things take a while to catch on. Safety would be an issue.


I would be interested in the class! I am in Irvine.
I also would like a one-on-one with my newest press if you are interested in teaching - There are a few quirks it has that I can’t quite figure out.

To anyone interested in typography

I apologise in advance, I did not find a more appropriate section to place my comment:

I found the description of Bell Centennial typeface very interesting; I was not previously aware of this aspect of designing typefaces. I refrain from telling you why we have a problem in Australia which perhaps could have been solved with a better typeface.


I’m interested! I live in Long Beach and work in Yorba Linda.


We have this available. It is a one time thing and is actually geared to more experienced folks, and is coming up fast: