Needed: Single saddle for NS 10x15 C&P

I am in need of a single saddle (left) measuring approximately 24” overall length for a NS 10x15 C&P. I have contacted David Churchman, John Barrett, and Craig Black with no luck so far.
If I am not able to locate one, is my next step to have one fabricated? If so, suggestions are much appreciated.

Thank you!


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Morning Kathleen -
I have on hand the left roller saddle for a 10x15 NS C&P.
Contact me off list for details:
[email protected]
Best regards,

I find it interesting that Briar Press allows members to post that they are looking to buy or get the value of something / anything (which translates to sell) on the Discussion forum but if the item doesn’t, in the purest sense, meet the criteria of pressing ink onto paper then it will be stricken from the Classifieds.

Sometimes Discussion topics evolve; it would be great if every opportunity to trade/sell ended up sorted into the Classified section, but that’s a bit unrealistic to expect.