C&P Craftsman press model X120? + other stuff

Cast iron electric and it works, A small amount of lead type of same era scattered around in galleys included. It is very heavy, must move yourself. I need room for something else, it’s in the way. Also a table cutter is available and wooden trays holding the type as well. this was a working shop till my uncle died. , A Craftsman model 1920’s (model number is X120 and the last number is faded maybe a 2?) Chandler and Price cast iron printing press with a Miller automatic feeder and a Redington Counting Machine. There is also a large metal floor model Peerless cutting machine, a half wall of type drawers, a table top saw, and a book binder.
I am willing to except a cash amount so low (of only 750) if you could also combine it with used building supplies: (Clear corrugated panels, French or Sliding patio doors, Large double or triple paned windows, Floor tiles for 10’ x 20’ room) I also could use 4 cubic yards of crusher run, an electric cattle fencing with receiver, (10) 6’ x 8’ fencing panels, used lumber to make (12) 4’ x4’ x 6” raised garden beds, Heirloom vegetable starter plants, used irrigation systems ( with timers), used gardening tools. If you have something else let me know I just may need it! Or as my husband would say, “something I didn’t know I’d wanted.” If you don’t have any of the above all cash works too! ($1500) Total for everything in the shop! LOL

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image: book binder.jpg

book binder.jpg

image: press3.jpg


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