California Wash

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Does anyone know the exposure limits for California wash? I can’t find it on the MSDS. I assume that it’s the safest, but if there’s anything else that’s less toxic, let a fella know.

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plain mineral spirits (paint thinner)
inexpensive too


Not sure what you mean by safest or less toxic. An awful lot of the new green solvents contain some very harmful ingredients.

California Wash has been banned in four counties in California, at last count, because of air quality concerns.

I doubt any useful solvent for cleaning rollers of printing ink is non-toxic. You just have to use safety precautions.


I use to use California Wash, but have started using baby oil. It’s less expensive, plus smells a lot better. :-)

Also, didn’t know if this had the info you were looking for, but figured I’d link it anyhow…