Help required to set up Soldan Proofing press inking roller

I am looking for anyone that has a Soldan proofing press (or detailed photographs of one) for details of how the inking roller is set up - I have just purchased one which unfortunately has lost its roller. I am also looking for any photographs of how the controls are set up (which lever goes where etc) so that I can set the press up correctly.

If anyone has an inking roller or other parts for sale I would be interested in purchasing them from you.

Many thanks

image: P6220643.JPG


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Patrick at The Logan Press in Uk has a Soldan and repairs/services presses, just look up www etc-old small drawing in Art and practice of of Printing vol 2 page19, look up Lightning presses too on www, also sold under this name, basic principle of rubber steel rubber roller sequence, never steel to steel

2 roller holders for compo rollers next to distributing drum, 2 holders for steel riders, then another holder for composition distributor the book says, same each side of press obviously

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for your advice - I have tried Patrick at The Logan Press but unfortunately he is unable to help - I will have to search for an cheap engineering company (if there is such a thing).

Many thanks

oh, that is a shame.try H F Rochat in Barnet London, excellent people, guaranteed result….. they have a Vandercook in stock they could compare it with, the principles are not complicated and they are in touch with companies who repair bigger machines, or at Cirgraphics/Art equipment ltd-years ago we bought a refurbished Maillander offset litho press from them, they have ex Hunter Penrose employees who also might know, as years ago that company made their own Littlejohn flatbed cylinder proofing presses.

here is scan from book I referred to above of Soldan hope it helps

image: scan0074.jpg


Hi Johnathan,

Thank you for all of your help - The press arrives next week and the refurbishment will begin then.

Would you know of any companies that recover the rubber on rollers? - I need one of the rollers to be completely refurbished the rubber was old, brittle and has fallen off in places.

Many thanks

Funnily enough I was looking at the Gregynog website this morning and noticed they mention a Soldans Proofmaster. Not sure if they still have it but it may be a lead…

as in post above, Rochat printmakers engineers in Barnet London, good people can arrange .

Thank you all for your help and advice.

Many thanks

My quest continues…

I am still looking for details of the roller configuration for a Soldan Proof Press - if anyone has and documentation or contact details for anyone that owns a Soldan Proof Press, I would be very grateful indeed.

Many thanks

Hi Carl
Have you tried asking Basil Head? I imagine that he’d probably know something…

Here are 2 pictures from an old magazine, they may help?


image: soldan 3 001 (469x600).jpg

soldan 3 001 (469x600).jpg

image: soldan 2 001 (489x600).jpg

soldan 2 001 (489x600).jpg

With a lot of patience I finally have completed the quest to find all of the parts to complete the Soldan Proof Press - a big thanks to Rod Shaw who helped in the process. Now I am using ink like never before with the massive oscillating roller eating ink each time the press is switched on.

Thank you to all of the contributors responding to my question here in Briar Press.

Congrats….reading Alan Kitchin’s book recently maybe hehas a Soldan or I suppose more likely a S and B.