Uneven Inking

I have done several prints on my new pilot, it was printing perfectly even at first, now it’s hit and miss.

I tapes up the sides (don’t know what it’s called of the top oc my head. but it’s where the trucks roll). Taping helped, but now the top right corner is missing the rollers completely.

Am I right in thinking I need to tighten the bolts on the upper right side?

If not, can someone let me know all the areas that need checked to fix uneven inking? Thank you!

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I think a lot of good information can be gained from reading this post http://www.briarpress.org/30606#comment-37857 as it touches on many problems that you may be having.

Are you sure it’s an inking issue and not an impression issue?

Let us know how it goes.


If the rollers are missing the plates and not inking, the rails are taped too high.

Remove some tape from the upper part of the rail where the inking is not happening.

If you can’t adjust the tape thinner, then throw a piece of computer paper (or two) behind the base to raise the base, which should help the rollers ink the plate.

Since you say it’s only the upper right, you might want to start with a strip of paper on the upper part of the base only since you don’t want over inking/too much pressure on the lower part of the plates. So basically you’re trying to angle the base so the upper part is higher than the lower part if it makes sense.