Chandler & Price 10x15 Three Like New Rollers $300

For sale: Three (3) C&P 10x15 rollers, like new. These were recovered by Ramco Roller 4 months ago in February 2012. We used them starting about a month ago when we got our 10x15 running. They have always been stored upright and have no flat spots. We only use California Wash to clean the rollers. The rollers are like new. We have two sets and selling the black rollers that you see in the photos. The photo of the invitation was printed this week using these rollers for sale.

$300 plus shipping.

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image: CPRollers-300.jpg


image: CPRollers-301.jpg


image: CPRollers-302.jpg


image: CPRollers-303.jpg


image: CPRollers-304.jpg