M & R Composing stick Information?

Hey guys and girls,

Is there anyone out there that could possibly help me identify any leads to the manufacture make of this composing stick.

I’ve been reading a few books and searching the net, but to no avail.

I’ve taken some images as to how it’s stamped on the composing below.


image: IMG_1462.jpg


image: IMG_1465.jpg


image: IMG_1467.jpg


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If it were MR, I would say it was Miller & Richards but I suspect it is MB from the MB&SW and it is clearly marked Made in the UK. Those initials go back several decades and I am not familiar with British foundries enough to know without looking it up. Maybe some of the UK folks will know.

Cheers Longdaypress,

I can only find about a caption if that a paragraph at best, nothing in heavy detail. I’m hoping some one on here might have a few web links or perhaps noted books that I can look into.

Thanks for your help

I would think that it is indeed a Miller & Richards stick. I have several of the exact same stick with the Stephenson Blake legend stamped on it, and a couple with Frederic Ullmer Ltd. They are generic (albiet excellently made) composing sticks that were sold to competing foundries and printers supply houses.


Cheers Paul,

That’s enough for me to get started into finding out more. Also my composing stick appears to be a bit grubby, are there any chemical agents I could use to get a shine and clean it up?

Some one advised me to drop the knee bit into some petrol to get a good finish then apply some WD40

All the best