Heidelberg Windmill is not keeping her Rhythm…

When printing my Heidelberg has started to slow way down and then speed up again. Still prints just fine but it is quite nerve wrecking to watch. This does not happen every time I start her up - some days everything works smoothly.
I am not sure what could be the issue.

This speed flux only happens while engaged. If she is running idle (without the windmill action going) she speeds up and runs at the same speed.

any ideas?

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You didn’t say if the motor is single phase or three phase.
If it’s single phase, a centrifugal switch inside the motor, might not be disconnecting the starting winding.

Sounds like the clutch is worn out or out of adjustment.

Drive belt could be loose. Try cranking the speed down a bit to tighten the belt. …Pete

Be sure your pulley is flexable. There is a grease fitting right on the outside end of the pulley. Give it a shot of grease. Grab the pulley (no power on) and make sure it is flexable. Pull in and out on it. Good luck.

I would look at how easy the press turns with out the motor running, to make sure the impression is not too tight, also if you notice this happening after running for awhile look for warm bearings which would slow the press down as it heats up and you could try adding a little extra oil to test this.

All these suggestions are possibilities but generally speaking when windmills exhibit this behaviour the cluch is worn out or in need of adjustment.

Thank you very much for all your suggestions! It feels good not being alone out there with my monster.

I found that the press runs harder when it is colder and better when it is not quite so cold. We had a pretty cold couple of weeks here in california…

Either way would like to have the clutch adjusted and the whole machine looked at - just to make sure.

Does anyone have an idea who I could contact to service heidelbergs in my area? I am in Ventura, CA.
Thanks, claudia

send me your phone number

The clutch is loose. adjust it carefully. Take your time.

If your press is 3 phase and is running with a converter from single phase it is possible that the converter is rated to low. It would be a good idea to get a converter rated to 5 hp if possible. They are available from grainger or mcmaster-carr. Also before anything else is checked be sure your power sourse is at least 220v. A lot of newly wired shops have only 208 volts for primary power which require installing a buck and boost system to raise the voltage. Its possible to get the parts (transformers) and follow the instructions on the wiring carefully and end up with the correct voltage. As others have mentioned the clutch and belts can be checked, yet i suspect that the slowing may take someone experienced in the electrical system of you shop to fix.

A Quick fix for the clutch is a shot of white spirit sprayed on it.
You will need to adjust the clutch, but take care when doing it.