Kelsey Model o. 5x8 Chase Bed Dimensions

Hi Everybody,

I am new to letterpresses. I picked up a Kelsey Model o 5x8 because I like antiques and it looked interesting. After researching it more, I am missing the Chase Bed. I know this part is very hard to find, but I still would like to get the machine working and experiment a little with it. I have the chase, but need the Chase Bed….. I was thinking of making one out of hardwood, just to get it working. I know this is asking a lot (especially for a new guy like me), but can someone provide the actual dimensions or a sketch of one with some of the key dimenstions on it? I would really appreciate it! Thanks -Sean

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Try this link, he may have one or can cast one.

Thanks Dennis. I tried Alan @ excelsiorpress already and he does not have one for sale. Alan was very nice and very helpful with his reply. I don’t want to speak for Alan, but it sounds like he may be casting them, but he is not at that point yet. Until I find one, I would like to make something work out of wood, if I can find some decent dimensons.

Get a hold of Lou, through Alan’s site. He is in Rhode Island and does allot of castings.

Hi Moman: I’m in the same pickle with my 5x8 model P. I’m curious to know if you were ever able to get one.
I have friends that can probably fabricate one to get the press working, but need something to go off of.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!