12x18 Kluge in a shed!

A friend of mine has just found a 12x18 Kluge platen press with, I believe, all of it’s attachments/parts and three chases in the shed of his mother’s house. He believes the press has been stored there for 30-35 years. It has been covered for that time but has surface rust (minor pitting but not on critical surfaces) over all. Parts seem to be all moving. There’s even a set of new rollers in a box (no idea how long they’ve been there).
The press is located in Bainbridge, NY which is a little less than an hour south of Cooperstown, NY where there is a letterpress event scheduled for this weekend (Aug 18-19, http://www.farmersmuseum.org ).
In addition to the press is a metal (Hamilton?) composing table with built in rack for leads.

He’s asking $1200 US and I’m happy to put any interested parties in touch with him personally.

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