foundry type in Massachusetts

Hi all,
I have a family friend near Boston who is looking to sell a lot of foundry type. It was offered to me and I would love to have it, but I am out of the country for a few years and cannot possibly ask my parents to store this much ‘stuff’ for me. I don’t know what she is asking for it, but she would like it gone soon (her husband passed away and she is cleaning out his storage area). If no one is interested I will direct her to the printing museum in Andover or to John at Letterpress things, hopefully they may have some leads for her. If anyone on here is interested, please let me know and I can get you in touch with her. Below is what she described…. sounds like it could be a great score for someone.

“There are four trays, 3 metal and one wooden. They are piled together, and the pile dimensions are: 32 1/2” wide, 16 1/2” front to back ad 6 inches deep. All the trays are filled with type, and I have tons more besides. I think Arthur emptied out every printer in Massachusetts! There is an old dresser there, and most of the drawers contain type, plus more in some odd boxes. It appears to be various sizes and type faces. I will try to find a box big enough to put the type in (except what’s in the trays - that I shall leave as is). I think you will need a van or truck to move the trays, plus muscle.”

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Jamie, I am new to letterpress but what I lack in experience I make up for in storage space. If the price is right I would be willing to pick up the type and store it for you until you get back in the country. We would first have to agree how to split up the type. I live in Massachusetts. Jim.