Kluge die height

I am new to diecutting (ran a windmill about 20 years ago briefly).

Looking to get some diecutting dies made to test something. I just bought a used 14x22 Kluge. Die making company asked me what height of dies I needed…they said either .918 or .937

I think .918 might be correct but was wondering if anyone could verify.


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all my diecutting dies are .918, make sure you use a die cutting jacket so you don’t cut your platen.

I would order .918 because then you shouldn’t have to adjust the platen (unless it is a really big or small die) going between diecutting and printing. Many shops use .937 cut, but mainly on bobst or other large presses. On a kluge you can back the platen off enough to use .937 cut, but not on a windmill.

at our shop we have many die cutting machines,3 heidleburg windmills,1 kluge, 2 miehle 29 and 2 bobst, for years we used .923 as our standard knife height, but recently converted all dies and machines to .937 and have not had any issues with any of the machines,