Wax seals

Has anyone tried to use photopolymer for a wax seal (the kind for sealing envelopes)?

Would it work, or would the wax stick to the plate?

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It might stick, so if you have a poly plate, you should test it.

One thing you want in a wax seal die is good heat transfer - the die acts as a heat sink, and helps cool the wax or whatever substrate you’re using - (I use a tinted polymer stick made for glue guns, and designed to look like sealing wax - it’s pretty tough stuff)

You should consider a 1/4” copper die - Owosso does a real good job, and will cut it in a circle if you ask nice.

Great, thanks for the info!

I’ve used a photopolymer plate to imprint a seal on photopolymer clay, sculpted in a bit more depth with a toothpick, attached a handle (made from the same clay) baked it in the oven. Use it all the time now.
The trick to make sure it doesn’t stick to the wax, or overheats, is to give it a light coat of vegetable oil before use.

this does work, but you have to use the modern waxes and try a few different brands to get the best results. I created a seal by cutting the shape out with a circle and then sticking it onto the bottom of a champagne cork (has to be champagne of course). The traditional red wax doesn’t always stay true in color in my experience and is colored by the burning so black and red all over. We used it on wedding invitations and sourced a very close color to our ink and it worked a treat.