Heidelberg Windmill 10x15 Red Ball Letterpress and Supplies

Thank you for all of the interest. All below has been SOLD.

We are moving and I have decided to put my letterpress studio’s Heidelberg Windmill 10x15 Red Ball and all supplies up for sale. Our home closes escrow this week. I will need to sell this press by the END of this week or we’ll need to move it to our new home. It is in beautiful, running condition. We invested over $10,000 in this set up and supplies and whomever decides to purchase, will not be disappointed. You will have everything you’ll need to get your own letterpress studio/stationary business up and running.. including a ream of Strathmore paper.

Please find what is for sale listed below:

1) Heidelberg Windmill Letterpress. This press is in good working condition! It is an antique. It was made in Germany.
It produces beautiful work. It is the red ball model, which is the last model they made of the Heidelberg Windmill. It’s serial or model number is 161, 134.
This is a later date and model #. Selling all for $5,500/obo for the Heidelberg and all letterpress supplies included. Everything you would need to start a boutique letterpress studio/shop is for sale.

2) 6 NEW covered rollers, trucks, and cores from NA Graphics. (value $125/each = $750) These were custom made and have not been used. They are in new, excellent condition.
(NA Graphics link: http://order.nagraph.com/rollers-trucks-cores.html)

3) Premium Ink VanSon Starter Pack - oil based: (value $660). Link to what this includes: (http://www.boxcarpress.com/photopolymer-supplies/letterpress-ink-starter...)

4) BOXCAR BASE LETTERPRESS STARTER PACK (value $280) link to what this will include: (http://www.boxcarpress.com/photopolymer-supplies/boxcar-base-starter.htm...)
this includes the base below…

5) 9” x 12” Standard Boxcar Base - new, has never been used. This base is needed to impress photopolymer plates.

6) also including several other antique letterpress items and tools. All of the tools that you will need for the press are included, as well as several washes to clean the press after each run.
(California wash, typan press packing, spaces & quads, quoin key and quoins, etc.)

Please call or email asap if interested or if you’d like to make an offer. I can be reached at 858.663.4097. I am planning to sell the press to a press dealer/museum if I do not have interest in this press on my own.
Thank you.

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