Craftsman Victory Press

Does anyone know the diameter of the rollers for a Craftsman Victory Press?


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No. But Craftsman is still in business here in Massachusetts, they must know.

We have a Craftsmen Victory 4 X 6 press in inventory. However it does not have the type of roller hooks shown in all of the literature we have found to date. Our press has roller saddles like the later 5 X 8 Imperial. The single core and trucks that arrived with our Victory 4 X 6 measure:
Core length - 10”
Core diameter - 5/16”
Truck diameter - 7/8”
Distance between trucks - 7 5/16”
Distance out-side truck to out-side truck - 8 3/8”
Truck width - 7/16”


1. First measure the height of the rails (roller tracks).
2. If they are below .918 (most likely), do this:
3. have the new rubber rollers made the same diameter as the trucks.
Advanced Roller in CA has good prices.
4. If the rails are .918” have the rollers made .020” larger than the trucks.
Some (not all) Craftsman presses have .918 rails.