Heidelber Windmill, where to buy ?

Hi !
Any suggestion about where to buy a Heidelberg Windmill Press in europe ? I’ve tried so hard to find it via web but it looks like impossible !!

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Which country are you in?

Ebay is always a punt. I check the non english ebays sometimes and they seem to crop up nearly as regularly as they do in GB.

It’s not hard to find a Heidelberg platen in Europe, as above, ebay always has a few. I bought mine privately in France. You must go and see it running before buying though.

Here are a few…




100’s in www.maschinensucher.de

www.pressresale.com too

machineseeker.com is same as maschinensucher.de

Letterpress services.com
We are leading supplier of Heidelberg windmill platens and cylinders. We stock a full range of parts and machinery check out our website www.letterpressservices.com or ring and speak to either Chris bottomley or Paul kempton on +441924230800

Hi askthedust!
We are printers from northen spain and we have a 1970’s Heidelberg Windmill for sale. The machine is in great condition and its been very well mantained. If you need further information do not hesitate to contact back at [email protected]

Hi askthedust, we are based in Italy and have many windmill renewed and ready to work.
Write me for pictures and prices.
[email protected]
thank you.