how to level a platen

I have a Chandler and Price 10X15 old style. I am looking for tips as to how to level the platen. I also wondered if there is anyone in the Washington DC area with expertise I could hire to come and help me. I have been printing for about a year and have had some good results, but I never felt like I have had the platen totally level and would love some help!

thanks so much, Melissa

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Get the largest metal type you have and put an “M” (or other wide letter) in each corner of the chase and adjust until they are all printing as evenly as possible. Perhaps you could back the platen off just a little bit (as evenly as possible) with the 4 adjusting screws and move in a little at a time on each corner until you get it right. I say back it off a little just to make sure of a safe starting point so you don’t crush your type on the first impression, (not being sure of your base line).
Move in just a little at a time, and take your time until all four letters print evenly on a sheet.

Tighten the lock nuts before testing and printing each adjustment and make sure they are tight when you’re done.
Use a relatively thin packing, maybe a tympan sheet and 2 or 3 sheets of bond, because it’s a pretty small form. This gives you a lot of leeway to be able to add pressboard and more packing as the need arises when you’re working with much larger forms.
That’s how I do it. I use 72 point Bernhard Gothic Heavy Cap “O’s”, one in each corner. It should be able to be accomplished with anything around 36 point or larger, it seems.

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Thanks for the info… I will work on it today!