thanks to charles robin

Charles Robin. I think you have a way with words. i.e. telling it as it is or, or as you know it or believe it to be, I am sure that sets the thinking cogs in motion, especially for newbies, rather than baffling them,with too much hi-tech too quick. The Girl with The Kluge, is close but tends to be, just a little more diplomatic and genteel. (perhaps I havent read her at full tilt Yet!) My heads only full of Monotype crap and just a little engineering, So if any new disciple were to ask me, it would be Pass, start as above, and NO I dont expect the international money order, to be in the mail!!! It would probably be a good repro, by a letterpress whiz from way back!. Oh! and by the way (limey humour coming up) is THE Cristopher Robin any very distant cousin, or was A. A. Milne a relative of Grandpappy. W T F or who? Bet somebody will have to look that up and see, how many books were written by A.A. printed letterpress and may even have had, the colour plates printed original old fashioned LITHO, ???? Any which way, check the old goat out, and verify if he really is cracked. Regards Mick. a

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Indeed, Mr. Mick, lost in the 100 acre woods is a good place to be, me own mom was to name me accordingly, lost her nerve, thank the stars and heavens above, think of even one day in class with the very polite bully’s, let alone what happens with today;s lack of expeditiousness of any transcontinental communication, ie, the “web” as we were told, you cant have any pudding till you you eat your meat!

Charles, nice one, and if only a handful or even one has bothered to check it out, objective achieved! possibly? Now, for the benefit of the Killjoys, Doubters, Defeatists, cold water pourers, I quote Mr. Henry Ford (the Mr. Model “T”) “Dont find a fault find a remedy” and “We learn more from our failures than from our successes” I rest my case, its coffee time anyway. Regards Mick.