Looking for GT 13 x 18 Rider Rollers

We are looking to increase our stock of Heidelberg GT13x18 Steel Rider Rollers, If you have any that are surplus to your requirements please contact us. Call 615-212-0015 or
email: [email protected].

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I may misunderstand but thought a rider roller was the one that hooks to the form roller arms on the 10x15. If I’m correct there isn’t any on the 13x18. We don’t have any surplus but was curious what you were referring to.

you are correct, they were never issued as part of the normal equipment delivered with the 13x18 machine and were only supplied as extra’s by Heidelberg so they are quite rare, a 10x15 has one rider roller and the 13x18 has two rider rollers, you are correct in your description as regards the 10x15 but they are also available for the 13x18.

Very interesting…I would assume that with the 13x18 having three form rollers that the two riders hook on similar as the 10x15. Do they have some type of adapters? I can think of several jobs I’ve run where those extra rollers would have helped. However the machine we have only has two form rollers though it does have arms for three.

as you have stated your 13x18 should have three forme rollers and yes the rider rollers come complete with the fixtures for fitting them into place on your machine, they are mainly used to eliminate the problem of ghosting.
if you need any further help please do not hesitate to contact us.
615 212 0015

When I started running the windmills in 1988 the 13x18 never did have all three form rollers and usually it wasn’t a problem except for a few jobs as mentioned before. Usually just double rolled which can be a real workout! Now most of the jobs have just a small area of type which isn’t such a problem. But I would have never thought that it would have riders. You never stop learning things in this industry. Due to the change in the kind of jobs we run now rollers aren’t used so much anymore. But I appreciate the new information.