Gally’s Universal (Colt’s Armory), C&P 10x15, Kluge 10x15

These presses were in my father’s shop. He last used in 2009, although I have been operating them and they seem to all be in great working shape. Easy removal from walkout basement to blacktopped driveway. All are 10x15. Many rollers (need recovering) and many chases. C&P old-style serial #5268. Best offer.

I took videos and posted them on YouTube. The links are below if you want to see the videos.




I hope to run and video the Linotype sometime I am there long enough to let the pot heat up (3 hours).

I also have an electric punch/drill, a foot punch, foot stapler, Multilith, AB Dick offset, AB Dick folder, two Linotypes (one is wired for operation, lots of magazines, Ludlow, and a few other things. Oh yeah, lots of paper, envelopes, round-corner cards. I bet I have 1500 to 2000 pounds of Linotype lead, both pigs and type.

Please send email with any questions.

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