From Russia about Korrex

Good afternoon. My name is Sergei.
I am from Russia. I am very new to this and I will have many questions.
I recently bought Korrex Berlin Type 2. The machine is in excellent condition but does not have the rubber on the ink rolls. There are metal bars but they do not have rubber.
I really need help:
1) What is the size and length of ink rolls?
2) all three ink rolls equal to the diameter?
3) from what they are made of rubber?
4) where can I buy western parts for machines Korrex?
5) Where can I find instructions on repair and use?
6) On the main roll (cylinder), which rotates on paper, it shall be rubber or other material? Can i use the offset rubber?
I ask for your help.
Thank you!

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Hello Sergei,
email this person:
“Peter Gafiuk - Max Simmel GmbH + Co. KG

He is in charge for all spare parts etc. for Korrex presses at the Manufacturer Max Simmel KG, they build them.

Thank you.
Can you give me correct email?
Can’t find ;-(
Thank you a lot

Thank you very much for your reply.
But I wanted to ask.
Maybe someone on this forum uses KORREX BERLIN KRAF 2?
And can tell the size and diameter of the ink rolls?
Thank you very much for your help!

elegante Press in Lithuania were selling a korrex Stuttgart recently, might be worth contacting them…… here isphoto

there is a FAG press users website

Korrex and FAG now combined operations this website says

have technical dept, they sell second hand letterpress machines, probably very similar so maybe can give you advise, also on the www (hopefully current)

Max Simmel GmbH+Co KG Maschinenfabrik - Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 24 - 75172 Pforzheim
Tel. 07231/2094-0 Fax 07231/2094-10 E-mail: [email protected] Ust.IdNr. DE 144176252 Kommanditgesellschaft Sitz Pforzheim HRA 101 Pers.haftende Gesellschafterin: BlancVerw. GmbH
Sitz Pforzheim HRB 2934 Geschäftsführer: Irmtraud Blanc, Reinhard Blanc

covering on cylinder should be tympan material, whether paper combinations, mylar combinations. Rubber offset blanket could not be easily secured and probably much too thick. Rubber ink rollers is probably same composition as offset ink rollers, so once you have diam/width info, a commercial offset roller recovering company could do this job. Read up as much as you can, old books flatbed cylinder proof presses and letterpress printing, eg “Vanderblog “website is good too. If you search for other letterpress artist/printers eg Flikr you can see who else uses these machines. On “lettermax” sells sometimes , but I cannot find his contact details. , lok up and try contact these people ,maybe can help


Sabrina Sundermann and I already supplied you with the diameter (52 mm) by e-mail last week. Did you get that information? We also directed you to Drucken und Lernen in Germany, who can get your rollers covered. On the Drukwerk in de Marge website you’ll find all the brochures of the Korrex machines, as well as parts numbers. That you can download and print out. And indeed, Max Simmel in Germany is still trading.

Thomas, for quite a while I have been trying to connect to drukwerkindemarge without success via google search, I would be most grateful if you could put a link here, much appreciated.