Braille font needed

We are searching for a source for a Braille font. Can anyone offer us a source for such a thing.

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Get in touch with the R.N.I.B or your own blind charity they will be pleased to supply anything that puts more material out there for the blind .
As an added hint , we used to impress nylos into a brown paper like material using soft blotting as a packing for producing training sheets for the blind schools years ago ,if my memory is right they were known as moon alphabets or something like that .
They werent letters like usual but blocks of dots .

The Moon alphabet is quite different from Braille and uses the conventional A-Z characters of the alphabet in a simplified form. It does, however, rely upon being embossed in the same was as the Braille dots.

Braille can also be printed using high-rise thermographic compounds to give the embossed effect.

In the late 1950’s the Addressograph-Multigraph Company made a Braille version of their Multigraph rotary letterpress. A standard small (Model 100) Multigraph was modified by gearing the handcrank slower, spacing the rails on the drum wider, and installing a dimpled impression roller. The Braille Multigraph type is similar to regular Multigraph type in that it is short, T-base and slides between the drum rails, but the type is copper-faced, and is right-reading. The whole thing was designed so as to be able to be used by the blind; they could typeset and print multiple copies of whatever they wanted, as long as it fit on a regular-sized sheet of paper or card.

While this may not be of use to you, I do have Braille Multigraph type available, and by making a base for it (milling slots in aluminum) it could be adapted to be used in a more conventional press.