Refurbished Kelsey Victor Tabletop Press

a wonderful refurbished kelsey victor table top press with 5x9” chase. i will be selling this press for $2495. i also have other supplies for sale as well, so please email me for more info. i am located in the Northern Virginia, DC, MD region. (pick-up only please)

the press is a newly refurbished kelsey victor press and works just like the chandler and price presses and includes a wooden feed table. it is in great condition and is ready to print! if you are using a boxcar base, it can print up to 4.5x7.5”. if you choose to use wooden letter blocks, it can go larger. the press prints very smoothly and can print heavy impressions.

price includes press, new set of gauges, quoins, furniture, 5x9” chase plate, tympan paper, extra set of trucks and washers.

i have a deep relief boxcar base (4.5x7.5”) that will be $145. it’s pretty brand new, just some ink staining on it, which doesn’t affect the printing at all.

i also have a professional stack paper cutter for $150, brand new. let me know if you’re interested in this and i can take pictures of it.

i am located in maryland just outside of DC.

let me know any specific questions you may have, thank you so much!
minna so

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