Guillotine Cutter (tabletop or easy transport)

Hello All,

I’m in need of cutting down a few books that have been bound and are ready for casing in. I will also need a guillotine for proper stack cutting. I’m looking for something local, and something easy to transport for a fair price. I’m not afraid to clean rust, but if the blade is not sharp you need to tell me where to take it because I have no clue where in Virginia Beach I can take it (any machine shop? Specialty place?)

In the past, when I had access to it, I used a beautiful, cast iron manual cutter. I know there is little comparison to the big machines, but I dont think I need something so large for now. I am also on a budget - otherwise I would just buy a new, electric one on wheels and have it delivered.

My only specification is that it NOT be one of these.

From all I have read, they are cheaply made bits of junk with misaligned grids and poor blades.

I need something I can move myself. So unless it’s free or you can deliver (in which case I can pay to move it) - none of the big challenge machines. It’s a long shot, but if anyone has a cast iron table top, I’d be interested.

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