Crankshaft for treadle

I have just bought a 8x12 C&P oldstyle that has a strait shaft and I would like to put a crankshaft on for a treadle. I am currently looking for a crankshaft and was wondering if a crankshaft that came off of a new style can fit an Oldstyle without a problem? Any help is appreciated!


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How about this for a possible work-around for your problem.

Scroll down and click on “eccentric (mechanism).” Then scroll down again and look at the animation of an eccentric moving.

In the animation, the white circle within the blue disc would be a cross-section of the crankshaft of your press. If you had the blue disc designed to be in two bolt-together pieces, you could put it around your crankshaft without taking the crankshaft out of the press. The red part (the eccentric strap) is already in two bolt-together pieces, so this could also be put on without taking the crankshaft out of the press. The bar which extends out from the eccentric strap could be attached to a treadle.

There also has to be a way to keep the eccentric strap from slidiong off the sheave sideways, such as a shoulder on each side of the eccentric strap.

Is the shaft of your press machined all the way along its length under the press (I can’t remember). It would pretty-much have to be, to get a precise fit.

This approach would require some machine design to get everything working correctly and safely, but it is a possibility.