Repair Replace Old Style Gordon rollers and wheels

Hello, I am new to this forum but am in desperate need of some repaired/replacement rollers for my Old Style Gordon press. I have tried 2 different printing roller manufactures and the prices are from $100-$280 per roller and there are 3. And one company cannot repair the little wheels on the ends and the other wants $540 to repair them, seems outrageous to me.

Does anyone know of somebody who may specialize in these? Or can point me in the direction of an older post that may have answered? When I searched I didn’t come up with anything. I have included a picture of mine.

image: Old Style Gordon rollers.jpg

Old Style Gordon rollers.jpg

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You won’t do better than Ramco Roller for recast rollers, those trucks look like morgan expandable trucks, NA Graphics might have replacement rubbers for them. Good Luck.

If Fritz at NA Graphics in Silverton Colorado does not have the replacement parts for the Morgan Expansion trucks, (I believe he does though) he will be able to provide appropriate trucks made of Delrin. I’d go with Delrin if it were me.
He also carries rollers for this press.

Rollers are never exactly cheap items.

[edit] Giving yours a second look, they (the rollers) don’t look like they are in that bad of condition. A little dusty and dirty maybe, but they look usable from the pic. Are they rubber or composition?
New ones are always nice though.


Thanks for the help so far, the rollers are actually ok (rubber) I believe. It is really the truck wheels that must be replaced. Although I have an extra set of rollers that are dry-rotted and cracked that will need to be replaced.

Dave, just so I understand the trucks on the end I am looking for are called Morgan expansion trucks?

Morgan Expansion Roller Trucks…that is correct.

MERTs were probably designed to be used with the old composition rollers which expanded or shrank with the heat and humidity. They are also used to compensate for wear on the rails. In the hands of a fully intelligent and patient printer with a caliper gauge, they can do the job.
If your rollers are of uniform diameter, you may be better off with a new set of delrin trucks. You may also have to tape the rails. Some advocate taping the trucks.

Thank you for the great information I will try NA Graphics. Being very new to the printing press world I appreciate the assistance and I know I will be using this site for valuable information.

One note - you should definitely make sure that the trucks you’re buying will properly fit your rollers and press if you would like to produce a quality print. For example, my rollers had smaller shafts than the standard 8x12 C&P rollers, so trucks made for a C&P (including the Morgans) would wobble like crazy. Just something to check carefully before you buy.

I recently went through the process of having some delrin trucks made to fit my press. I ended up working closely with a machinist I knew, but Fritz at NA Graphics had previously told me that he could have trucks custom made to your specifications.