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Having just returned from hunting for a quart of Naptha at several local hardware stores, I have discovered that it has been replaced with a non-descript ‘Thinner’ that is now being sold as a substitute for MEK, Tolulene, and Naptha. Doing an MSDS search for the product I have discovered that it loosely falls under the category of Stoddard solvents which seems to be a mixture of several things, including mineral spirits, turpentine and variants of Naptha or white spirits. Stoddard solvents are also used in dry-cleaning. So I guess I won’t be recommending that you go to the hardware store for your Naptha any more. I ended up at the local sporting goods store and purchased a quart of Coleman Fuel, which actually identifies its ingredients as Naptha. And the world has become just a little stranger.


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as i understand it the world is fine, it’s the old printers that became a little stranger.

Speaking for yourself (I mean the old part)?

I just bought this from Home Depot:


while also picking up some Odorless Mineral Spirits.

Is that not straight Naphtha?

Yes it is, for some reason in my area (central coast California) it is being removed from the shelves.