letterpress inks

I’m a beginner and am just wondering about buying some ink. Does anyone know if any of these inks are suitable for letterpress printing?


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Most ink made for offset printing should work on letterpress. I use mostly van son but i have used many if not all of the inks in your pictures. I prefer rubber base ink cause you can leave it over night without it drying on the rollers, oil ink needs to be washed off the press by the end of the day or it will dry solid on your rollers. Some like oil, some like rubber.

Thanks dickg!

That looks like a huge amount of ink.
It might (MIGHT) be a very good buy if ( BIG IF)
Are these colors you will use?
It says pick up only. Where is the stuff located?
The manufacturers will say that oil base ink has a shelf life and you should use fresh ink. I have used ink over 30 years old and it is fine. It skins over with a very hard skin in the can. You merely have to get through the skin to get to good ink. You need to do this carefully to prevent getting too many hard chips in your ink. These have to be picked off from your ink disk and rollers. Inconvenient, but a small price to pay for cheap ink.
If there are other printers near you, you may wish to buy the lot and share with the others. Then you will all have enough for a lifetime - if you can use those colors.

there are so many printers going out of business you might be able to pickup some ink near you for little money or maybe even free.

inky - that’s exactly what I was thinking (sharing the lot). I saw some straight Pantone hues in there on the labels, but also a lot of custom mixed colors that may or may not be of use. The lot is in Cleveland, OH and would be quite the road trip.

dickg - that is also a great possibility, and probably more convenient seeing as how I am in California!