Metallic papers and ink

Has anyone printed on Reich Papers’ Shine or Odeon stocks? I typically use oil-based inks. Will these dry quickly enough or do I need something like Tough Tex or an added dryer? I’m printing a folded holiday card, so I don’t need ink rubbing all over the place!

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I have successfully printed on these sheets with Vanson Rubber based inks. However I have the luxury of placing the work on boards and leaving them out to dry overnight or longer. The Wayzgoose invite was done with wood type and the ink colors mixed with the rubber base and a fair amount of transparent white.

The other three sheets with solid colors were also mixed colors using Vanson rubber based ink. No problem as long as you can lay them out rather than stacked delivery. In which case you may want to use an oxidizing ink like Tough Tex.

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image: P1070819.jpg


image: P1070789.jpg


Thanks, Steve. I’m running them on my Windmill, so I’m hoping enough impression will put the ink below the surface enough to avoid set-off. It’s a 3/2 job, so I can’t let it sit for days to dry between runs.