Need Asbern AD-1 Pics

I’m having two issues with my press that I think can be cleared up quickly if there is someone out there with an Asbern that can post/send a couple of pictures.

First, I’m having trouble getting my steel oscillating drum to make contact with the front form roller. I need to adjust the height of my steel roller assembly, but noticed that the adjustment knobs have nothing on the end of the screws—this means the metal screws will rest directly on top of oil holes for the form roller assembly, which might be normal, but seems bizarre to me. I’m assuming I may be missing feet or something that would cushion the screws from the brass. A profile picture of an Asbern AD(R)-1 inking unit would help to see if I’m missing anything.

Second, my feed board sheet guide seems to be missing a piece or two—at the very least, a nut that would retain the guide spring. Again, if anyone could snap a quick shot of the sheet guide, it would be much appreciated.

As always, thank you to the community for all of your help!

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I have a PDF of the manual if that is what you are looking for. My contact information can be found at

always a thought, are the bearings holding in the ink drum worn and need adjusting to lift it up a bit?????
Not easy to keep these frequently lubricated.

Check rollers not shrunk too.

Thank you for taking the time to respond Gerald- I do have the manual, at only 4 pages though (including cover), it’s quite sparse.

Jonathan- The bearings seem to be in good condition—good point about the rollers, they could probably use some work and if the front roller has shrunk, that could be the issue. I’ll check that out.

Thank you again for your help!