Rice Feeder Add On For 8x12 C&P?

Do they make a Automatic Paper Feeder for the New Series 8X12 C&P presses? See below video of this add on.



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Feeders were available as options on 10x15 and larger New Style C&Ps, and Kluge made some which can be fitted to some C&Ps. Most folks seem to prefer the Kluge feeder over the Rice feeder.

However, I’ve never heard of one on an 8x12.

I bought an absolutely beautiful (one owner) 8 x 12 C&P with a Rice Feeder when I was at Hatch Show Print in the early 1980s. When it ran it sounded like Jack Benny’s Maxwell automobile (a la Mel Blanc). The presses equipped with Rice Feeders had different body castings to support the feeder. Sometimes you will see presses that have the feeders removed, and have to be adapted to even have a feed-board at proper level. I remember it had to have the shaft that carried the sheet suckers oiled regularly or it would drop sheets. I don’t believe Rice made a add-on feeder, but Kluge did for bigger presses.


Paul, would you explain to the younger kids in this group who Jack Benny is??????