Finding Dies/Cuts.Blocks

I have bought some nice printing blocks (dies/cuts) off of Ebay, but the choices are limited, hit or miss, and you have to “win” the auction. What I have bought have very good detail.

Are there other places to buy blocks besides Ebay? Or do some of the folks who will make dies and cuts keep an inventory?

I realize that I can have a polymer plate made, but to do that, I need the art work first.

PS Is there any difference between dies, cuts, and blocks?


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Draw up the line images you want and send them off to Owosso Graphic Arts. Electronic submission is preferable, but I believe they’ll take printed or hand drawn copy as well.

I usually get the copper mounted on wood, but they also do magnesium (a bit cheaper) mounted on wood for letterpress. Include enough on the drawing to make up the minimum order and have them cut apart for a minimal charge.

I prefer to find collections of random cuts for sale from craigslist, other printers, etc. However, you cant always wait around for a find if you want to print.

If you don’t want to create your own artwork as suggested above, Briar Press actually maintains an extensive collection of artwork, some free and some for sale. You can take the artwork and send it off to have cuts made. Check out the ‘Cuts & Caps’ section.

Good luck!

Hi Carolina Printer,

It might be easier than you think to produce “original” art. In addition to the “Cuts & Caps” here on Briar Press, you can go to any of the royalty-free clip-art sites and download images to work with. Here’s an illustration I created from free clip art. And here’s how to make one from a photograph. One of these days I’m going to learn how to draw. :-)


The sooner you start drawing regularly, the faster you’ll learn and the better you’ll be at it.

Thanks for all the comments and ideas.

I am particularly interested in converting a photo to a polymer plate.

Merry Christmas to all!