old gordon press for sale w/ a ton of extras

Up for sale an old gordon letterpress printing press with an 8x12 chase and everything you need to print (see below). The picture shows the press with out the fly wheel, however i have it and with the locking pin. I original bought this press planning on moving it into my studio, however that never happend.

what comes with the package
New Rollers
1 12x8 chase
Boxcar base for polymer plates
box of ink
a homemade type cabinet with 8 hamilton drawers full of type (various size of a time new roman, 32pt franklin gothic)
1 Slug Cutter with a bunch of lengths of steel
furniture cabinet
lock up quoins
A box of random printing stuff

the Press is currently located in a garage at ground level

the press runs by a motor, however i believe you could attach a treadle kick pedal to it

Price $750

please feel free to ask me any questions email me at [email protected]

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image: 3Eb3G73H85I65Gb5W0ccd84a35bdfc4c01204.jpg


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