12X18 C&P Motorized Press $1000 (correction)

Motorized 12X18 C&P in good working condition. Also, 2 cabinets full of type. ( no wood type, sorry)
Lots of still unopened type. 4 rollers in very good condition. $1000 takes all of it. Im sorry but i can’t part it out.
We bought the contents of an entire shop a couple years back in hope of setting own but the plans fell through and now storing it is getting too expensive.
The press and the type is located in central Connecticut. Please contact me for any information or more pictures. This is a very good deal. Local pick up only but I’ll help you to load it.
Hello All and thank you for the interest!
First of all let me apologize for the fact that i put the wrong press dimensions in the briar press add
It is 12X18 not 10X15. 12X18 is the inside dimensions of the chase. Sorry about that.
I decided to answer some of the questions I’ve been getting all at once. Let me know if I’m missing anything.

The press is in Newington. What ever you do, do not put it in a basement. You’ll never get it out. this thing is heavy.
The storage unit it is in is not temperature controlled but i greased the press really well before i put it in there.
The press used to belong to Connecticut College and then a local artist owned it for a few decades. He printed a couple books of drawings and poetry on it. He knew my wife (the actual print maker in this family) and when he passed away we bought the shop from the widow.

I’ve seen people convert them to treadle but i can’t imagine it being a good solution in a long run. I’ll take the motor off of it and take a look at how it’s wired and see how it spins.
The motor on it is made to be wired for either 110 or 220V. Not sure of its condition. I was going to put a new speed variable motor on it in order to slow the press down. Stay tuned.
UPDATE: The Motor works well. Quiet and A LOT of torque. Wired for 110.

What ever rust might be on it is very minor and can be taken off with a cloth and wd40

The Bed needs to be packed and set. Ink tray is in a very good condition but the fountain i got for it needs some cleaning. Not too bad though.

There is no obvious weld repairs that I’ve noticed . There are some hammer marks on one of the wheels that look like at some point it was removed and put back by a hack but it works perfectly.

We only have one chase but a few quoins. ( the two piece basic kind)
Sorry no Box car base. They want an outrageous amount of money for those. I was going to go to a local machine shop and have them mill a piece of aluminum for me. but we never got to that stage.

also,here are some more pics. If you are close by it would be best for you to see it in person.

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