any european online store for van son inks ?

hi there!

someone knows an online shop for van son products?
i’m from portugal, and I can’t find a seller here.
I’m looking for an online store which send to Portugal, preference in europe.
I need to by rubber base ink and PANTONE 874 Gold.

thank you

thank you!

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Hallo, is Google not working in Portugal?
Escritorio: Rua Barao de S, Cosme, 184, 4000-501 Porto
Tel. 225 073 930, Fax 225 073 939
Armazem: Rua Duque da Terceira, 283, 4000-536 Porto

I don’t know if they are online, but here is the dealer from Van Son’s website:

Better even, contact them directly:

I already contacted this seller. but he doesn’t have rubber base inks… and only can order a box of each color, I think that each box have 6 tins……
for this reason, and with no more alternative in portugal i’m looking for an online shop.

no more suggestions?

thank you

Van son are certainly sold by in Holland, but Joop Stoop sell lovely inks made for stone litho could be suitable in Paris , also Polymetaal Holland etc, in Uk Hawthorn printmaking supplies sell 220 gms very similar inks too but maybe slow drying so might get set off, if tin size is important.
AMRA in Switzerland too could try, and Hostmann Steinberg?? in Germany, Michael Huber inks but of course postage would add, in Uk use, very reasonable prices for postage……………….just an idea., good luck