Minimum distance for cutting polymer plates

I’m about to order my first polymer plate. I read that the general guideline is to allow for 1/2 ” between shapes if cutting the plates by scissor or x-acto. I have two circles that are 1/4” apart and, looking at my own proof, it seems that it’d be a simple straight line cut (x-acto or scissor). I’m wondering if there is a reason other than for cutting accuracy that this 1/2” minimum is advised. Is there some sort of structural reason why there needs to be a 1/2” border around the actual shape/object in my design?

In the image, my plan is to cut where the red dashed line is.

image: cuttin_sample.jpg


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In my experience 1/4” is OK but not ideal. Just cut slowly. Sometimes a good pair of scissors will deliver a cleaver cut that xacto blades because you’re less likely to slip and nick off the side of the image/form.
The other issue is you may disrupt the adhesive when you cut it and if it is bent or curled under itself very close to the image it will affect your inking

I think 1/2” is very conservative. My rule is a minimum of 3/16” and a very careful and steady hand when cutting with the very sharp knife.