Letterpress Courses, 2013 William Amer Rockley NSW Australia

Announcing New and Updated Printing courses for the beginner or the experienced printer wanting to refresh their skills. These courses are also ideal for the Graphic Designer who wants to understand the technology and gain hands-on practical experience: they are “nuts and bolts” courses. Letterpress 101.2 remains our flagship course, but is now complemented by Letterpress 101.2 Extended. We have modules on The Ludlow Typecaster, The Vertical Miehle and by popular request: “The ADANA, the cutie with a punch”.
All courses and full information, including application form, prices and how to make a top time of your stay in Rockley are found on our website, www.willamer.com.au. Enquiries are very welcome. Course timing and dates are negotiable, classes are limited to one or 2 students only.

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What's wrong, a trick!