Bearings for a Hed Windmill 10x15/ box car

Is there a way I can just get bearing from a hardware store? And can’t I just make a box car out of wood? I want to use plates and do I need a chase if I have a boxcar? What size bar car do I need.

Oh what size bearings I heard 9.5 mm but anything else?

Thanks y’all ayeeeeeeee!

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Are you talking about the bearings on the end of the rollers, if so you can get them from a bearing company, hardware stores don’t have them. You will need a chase to lock your base in. Check out Excelsior Press website, i think he has made bases out of wood. you need an accurate base or you will have many problems trying to print especially if you use polymer plates.

For the price you are best off buying them from whittenberg or senior , or letterpress services etc, few places carry bespoke sizes like these , the standard is ten mm which we all know is oversize for our use . If the cost of bases are out of reach then look around for blocks of dowel mount or cornerstone mounting furniture , I have seen miraclon mounted on resalite furniture before with card to bring it to height . A huge base that fills the chase like boxcar etc has its uses for printing a big image or page of text but a single line will mount on anything that can be built to height nicely .