what happened here? windmill part photo

Hello press men and girls,

just another windmill question. i bought the relevant parts to replace the rods inside the roller arms and the part that holds the bearings of the form rollers. However, i am puzzled on how to disconnect the rod. I know there should be a tapper pin in the rectangular part but it seems it has been drilled and welded?

can anyone upload a photo of the part if different to what i see here?


image: m_IMG_3458.jpg


image: m_IMG_3459.jpg


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No worries, i found a photo!

yeah definitely something went wrong here. So the pin comes out towards the inside of the press.

image: new_arm.jpg


They havent been welded they have been butchered.
You will be best off Hacking at the remains of the pin with a centre punch till you can get an indent in the centre of the pin and drill in until you reach the level of the shft then repeat from the other side . Once you have drilleddown to the shaft put the shaft in a vice and wriggle the block with a large spanner till the drilled portion breaks and it will leave abroken piece of the pin in the centre of the shaft you shoudl be able to tap the shaft out of the block .
The pins are replaced always from the easiest direction , the most accessible route for assembling quickly was taken when building the press , repairing them was not top of the agenda . You must source new pins from the people who supply you wiyh the new arms and you will need to take care to get all the hole in the right plain before you re taper the holes with a reamer or you will enlarge the holes too much .

Thanks Peter. Will follow those instructions carefully