Looking a 10x15 chase for a H Windmill

Is there any one on the planet selling a 10x15 chase for a heidelberg windmill. I been looking for a month all over the world ( online) and no one seems to have one. I’m getting sad. I’m at a sad standstill


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whittenburg inc, we sell everything for all Heidelberg letterpress machinery, www.whittenburginc.com, 615 212 0015

Ahhh thank you. Anyone else knows any good sites just incase I need something else???

I have twenty in the uk , should you not be able to source locally please get in touch , note , i dont do pay pal so its a dodgy old western union transaction !!

Peter I would pay you by mail carrier penguin if you want. How much are you willing to selling it for? Are you sure it a 10x15. If so email me at [email protected] thank you so much.

If everyone else knows any great hidden gem sites for windmill parts please post.


I will try to get a mailing/shipping price and be in touch shortly , it may work out less costly for the chase to come from whittenberg as they are stateside .
Mailable parts i can help but when it gets heavy it gets expensive .

Hiya-interparcel.co.uk was very reasonable last time I used them, based in/near Gatwick but will collect