Seattle Area Blade Sharpening


I recently moved to Seattle and was wondering if anyone knew of any companies that would be able to sharpen the blade on my guillotine paper cutter. It’s a 30” Gem cutter. I don’t have the wood crate/sheath for the blade so if anyone knows a company that can come and pick up the blade to sharpen it, that would be great.


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Eastside Saw does a great job. I haven’t used their pickup service, but I know they have one. They will want you to bolt the blade to a piece of wood though.

I suspect just about any company that you have do the job will want it bolted to a piece of wood for transport.

Just get a 2X6 that is a few inches longer than the blade, and use wood screws and washers to attach it so the blade has a lot of lead-room; line it with a piece of paper or two between the blade and wood.

Knife Technology in South Park

(206) 762-5073
309 S Cloverdale St, Ste C4

He did my C&P blade for $25. I think they have a pick-up service because he’s not always in the shop. Give him a call. Great service.