Miehle Rescue Alert!!!

Saw a nice little Miehle Flat Bead Press today. Size No. 4, max sheet 29 x 40. Inking system is complete, several chases and some accessories are present, rollers appear good enough to use. Could probably be operating with very little trouble. Nice size press, smallest Miehle model listed in my info, would fit nicely in your garage. Located in Dayton, Ohio area. Owner has it on eBay asking $500.(less than scrap value)
Hope someone will adopt it before you know what…..
Contact me if I can be of assistance.
Jim McGraw

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image: Miehle 1 004.JPG

Miehle 1 004.JPG

image: Miehle 1 001.JPG

Miehle 1 001.JPG

image: Miehle 1 003.JPG

Miehle 1 003.JPG