Seeking almanac moon phase cuts

For a friend (the Curator of Printing and Graphic Arts at Harvard) I am trying to locate some typecast almanac cuts of the phases of the moon and similar ornaments. I’ve found four moon phase cuts in Dave Churchman’s Sterling Type Foundry catalogue - does anyone know of any others being sold? I have misplaced my Quaker City Type Foundry specimen book and wonder if they have any. Thanks!
-Steve Saxe

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Just checked the Quaker specimen book
I have. Does not contain moon phases.

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I seem to recall that the Dale Guild may have cast some moon phases a few years ago. Maybe they still have a set lying around.

Hi Steve. I can confirm that The Dale Guild has cast 24-point moon-phase ornaments. I got mine four or five years ago, but I’ve seen them in their eBay store since then. ~Barbara

image: Moon ornaments.jpg

Moon ornaments.jpg

We have some moon phase sorts as well, should you want some: they’re Monotype designs, and much plainer than the Dale Guild offerings- more functional than decorative.


Hi Nick,

I’d be interested in some 10 and 12 pt moon phases if you are casting. Which design do you have?