Chandler and Price 18” X 12”

I have a Chandler and Price 18” X 12”
Could some one here please tell me what year it was bulit in and how much money I could ask for it. the bed number is D 3375 and I can not find this number on the list here on this site.
It is in going condition and has plenty of bits and pieces including: unused type , furniture, quoins ect , it is an old style with bent spokes, the number on left hand side top of the bed is D3375 It has 3 chases 2 — 12” X 18” and 1 —- 6” X 83/4” It has 3 good rollers and runs good, clickerty clack, clickerty clack, clickerty clack, Regards, Jimmy.

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Looks like 1913!
I have seen these go anywhere from Free to $2500!