Standing Book Press & Board Shear for sale

Latham Machinery Standing Book Press for sale, circa 1880. This glorious museum-quality piece stands 6-1/2 feet tall, with plenty of working daylight. Comes with 13 hard-plywood steel-lined press boards, and original wrench. Approximately 800 lbs. This is the most beautiful standing book press we’ve ever seen. Asking $1500.

Hughes & Kimber Board Shear for sale, circa 1880, originally from London, England. A beautiful, fully functional machine, capable of cutting a full size book board sheet, yet reasonably sized for a studio. We’ve owned it for nearly 9 years. Cutter has no back gauge. We fashioned a steel side guide, and use a 90 degree steel angle backed by magnetic strip to cut paper stock to size. Original hand-hammered foot treadle (which operates the paper clamp). Approximately 800 lbs. Asking $2000.

Purchase both machines together for a package price of $3000.

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